Winter Collection

It’s almost December and you’re ready to lounge in your Christmas pyjamas. Your cosy space smells of cinnamon and the walls glow with candles as you draft a list of ideas you would like to start working on in the next year. 

Meanwhile somewhere in Varanasi, Chandlers at Armatuer Design Studio are crafting candles in all shapes, sizes and fragrances like they do around this time every year. One of them is watching over the soy wax as it melts in a large vessel, while the others are patiently making hand dipped candles or pouring wax in jars. In the room next door, boxes of pastel coloured candles and jars with candy canes and reindeers on them are being packed to perfection. The smell of candle fragrances can be sensed from more than 500 meters away – a mix of cinnamon, vanilla, peppermint and cider.