Vintage Wooden Box | Lavender
Vintage Wooden Box | Lavender
Vintage Wooden Box | Lavender

Vintage Wooden Box | Lavender

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A set of four shot glass candles in a vintage wooden box
You can choose 4 of your favorite fragrances from the list and mention it in the order note

List of Fragrances
1. Rouge: sweet tones of cherry
2. Aix En Provence: Will remind you of the lavender fields
3. Daylight: Is a fresh citrus fragrance infused with lemongrass essential oil
4. Dusk: is a nostalgic floral fragrance
5. Camp Fire: Has a fresh citrus fragrance
6. Cake Shop: if you love the smell of a bakery, this ones for you!
7. Winter Barn: with cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla undertones
8. Hot Cocoa: A delicious chocolatey fragrance
9. Nicobar: fresh, woody and with cidarwood undertones
10. Drizzle: Will remind you of the Himalayas
11. Forest Berry: with a sweet and fruity blueberry undertone
12. Cottage: with undertones of cedarwood, sandalwood, patcholi and musk
13. Cotton Candy: will remind you of an evening at a carnival!
14. Dried Rosemary
15. Roseville: Is a soothing fragrance with rosemary and Madagascar vanilla undertones
16. Herbs & Spices: A hot cup of tea, the cold wind on your cheese and a woody candle aroma with eucalyptus undertones to add warmth to your spaces
17. Fireflies: Fresh and breezy fragrance
18. Into the Night: has a a woody-spicy tone