Anantya – Armatuer


There is a hidden memory in your mind. Your head is tilted up and you’re spinning with the sky as you’re swirling with your best friends - Gul, Amrit, Dhara, Heer and Noor.

Gul is in her rose coloured frock and laughing her usual laugh that makes everyone around her light up. Amrit is in her blue top; she carries a sense of maturity and grace that brings life to everything she touches. Dhara is the calm one, she wears colours of the soil and her presence is always soothing. Heer and Noor are dancing together as they usually do, and reflecting shades of golden and silver sunlight. And then there’s you, Anantya , swirling and spreading life, light, calm and celebration forever.

Every year on Diwali, you bring all your friends together to relive this hidden memory.