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Spend a quiet moment with yourself.


When you are going about your day to day work, there are many thoughts that cross your mind- an assortment of thoughts related to work, things to do at home, your personal life, what to cook, what to buy, where to go this weekend, your pet's spa appointment, the constant ringing of your phone, random texts and ads, visiting the gas station responding to an important mail and so on. 

With so many things going on in your head- some thoughts get lost. Some ideas remain untouched. There's lack of focus or a channel.

With Quiet Moment- atleast once every day- you tune in to be with yourself. Switch off your phone- cut everything and everyone off for 20 mins. Sit in a garden, a room or a space you like and just be. If you want, jot down everything that crosses your mind in a notebook.

This exercise helps make way for clear thinking, channelised work and relaxed mental being.