Birthday | Hand Dipped Candles
Birthday | Hand Dipped Candles

Birthday | Hand Dipped Candles

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Slim hand dipped candles available in a pack of 20.

Ideal for birthday cakes! 


Back in the day when there weren't any molds available to give shape to candles- candle makers would make hand dipped candles using beeswax. The process of making hand dipped candles is intriguing, a single strand of cotton wick is dipped repeatedly in molten wax to achieve the desired thickness and length.

We bring to you our first ever collection of hand dipped soy candles. We hope you love them as much as we enjoyed making them!

Each pack contains 7 handdipped candles in our bestselling fragrance 'Drizzle'.

Drizzle has a pine tone and will remind you of the pine forests!

Dimensions: Approx 15cm long and 0.7cm thick (naturally tapered) 

Burn time: 45- 60 mins (for each candle)

Material : Soy Wax

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