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Add honey to your pancakes
Add honey to your pancakes
Add honey to your pancakes

Add honey to your pancakes

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You are sitting in Dadi’s pastel blue and yellow coloured dining room. Everything in her home smells and looks comfortably old, just like her. Through the small hole in the yellow wall between her dining room and kitchen, you can spot Dadi making pancakes using her homemade mix. When she is satisfied with how her pile looks, she opens the lid of a ceramic jar, labelled ‘little’s favourite’, and dips a big wooden spoon in the jar. She then pours a handful of honey on the pancakes.

You spend all morning eating honey-soaked pancakes while listening to her stories.

Product description:

Pack of 8 natural beeswax candles in a jute bag.

The tapered hand dipped candles are made in beeswax. They have a subtle scent of natural beeswax and no essential oil or colour has been added to the wax.

Colour: Natural Yellow Beeswax

Fragrance: None

Dimensions:  Approx. 6-7 inches tall | 0.8 inch wide 

Burn Time: 45-60 mins