Cookie Jar Candle – Armatuer
Bake some cookies
Bake some cookies
Bake some cookies

Bake some cookies

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Your city’s bookstore has a wooden box full of second-hand books. Shuffling through the box, you find a Ghazal book from 1966 and inside its pages you find a folded brown paper with handwritten recipes for vanilla and whiskey cookies. The writing looks uncommon but familiar so you decide to buy the Ghazal book (with the bonus recipe).

That evening, you bake the cookies while your mother reads out her favourite shayaris by Ghalib. She pauses to take a bite of the cookies and tells you that they taste just like the ones her grandmother used to make.

Product description:

This candle smells like your favourite cookies, need we say more?

Fragrance: Cookies

Dimensions:  3 inches tall | 2.5 inch wide 

Burn Time: 14 hours