Wood wick candles in Honey Maple and Cocoa fragrances – Armatuer
Spend a day at the bakery
Spend a day at the bakery
Spend a day at the bakery

Spend a day at the bakery

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A ferry drops you off at a random island in the middle of a sea. There are very few people and even fewer shops. You walk around the damp and colourful streets for a few minutes and wouldn’t stop until you reach the highest point of the island. As you look at the horizon, you notice the smell of honey, cocoa and maple fill the air around you. You decide to follow it till you reach its source - a hole in the wall with buns displayed on its window.

You decide to buy two buns from the sweet old man behind the counter and he tells you to have them without any butter or jam. You take your first bite and fathom what he means; you are having the softest, sweetest and purest buns that do not need anything to add to their taste. You decide to stay at the island for a month to work at the bakery.

Product description:

A box with 3 woodwick candles- Maple, Cocoa & Honey

Burn Time for each container: 14 hours

Dimensions: Box- 9 inch long-4 inch wide | Candles: 3 inch tall/2.5 inch wide

Made in soy wax and with a wood wick